How about some Halloween treat ideas

I’m looking at the calendar and realized, it’s Halloween in 10 days. I’ve posted a few Autumn ideas but nothing Halloween. I must remedy that right away.

The ever popular pencil broom:


Something Good to Eat with Gluten-Free and Peanut-Free candies. These candies are in our new 2″ x 8″ bags:


A little Skel-Nugget treat. Also in our 2″ X 8″ Cello bags:


A serious Mummy treat in our 3″ X 6″Gusseted bag (thank you Kelly Acheson). How fun are our gold clips:


Wrapping up a Kit-Kat:


Now this Kit Kat looks perfect to give away. This tag is made with a single stamp. Check out the fun:


One more packaged treat. This is in our Gusseted 3″ x 6″ bag with a fun topper. The Pumpkin and greeting are from September’s Paper Pumpkin kit:


If you need any of these treats made for you because you don’t have the time, let me know soon. My prices are very reasonable.




It’s My 600th Post-Whoo Hoo!

Wow, it’s been a long time coming. I have just been so busy that a few days turned in to 2 weeks here. Hey there-Guess what-It’s my 600th Post! That in itself is an accomplishment if I do say so.

Today’s Celebratory Post is about my Churches Stamp Camp that we had this past Sunday. Our Bible Card Club (Our Redeemer Lutheran Church with School in Delavan, WI) decided that we would hold a big stamping event. I designed all the cards (10) which included 6 Christmas and 4 all purpose greetings. (As always, a Shout out to the S.U. Demonstrators out there who inspired a few of the cards) There was also a gift jar that they could decorate and could fill with whatever at home. The cost was $10 for cards and additional $5.00 for the gift Jar. People were able to reserve their spot-48 did- and many who were not able to attend, pre-ordered finished cards in a pack. This event initially was to help pay down our new roof debt. But it was paid off in the past few weeks. That was huge for us. So, we decided to instead put the money toward the general fund costs. After this event, the final amount collected was $1,035! That is AMAZING!!!!!! I knew my “mad” card making skills would come in handy. We suggested if it didn’t go too badly, maybe we might consider a Spring Stamp Camp with Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc… Since it went better then expected, no one ran away saying it was too much, I’m guessing it’s a safe bet that our Church Card Club will be doing this again. Here are just a few pictures of this event. Once again, I was busy with a Christmas Card Station and couldn’t get closer picture or as many. For those of you coming to my Holiday Stamp Camp in a few weeks, you will see one of these cards-early-here!

Here are the pictures of our tables all over our Family Life Center/Gym:class-a-church-1



My fearless ladies who helped prepare:



 I showed everyone they could make knots if they couldn’t do a bow.

The one gal on your left made an amazing little bow. I may have to hire her!


Very Happy Stampers! See-You Too can stamp!


One of the two designs offered:


I am so Happy how this event went. Yes, it was a lot of work for many, but now they all have an appreciation of how I get my Holiday stamp camp and other card events up and running every year.

Speaking of which. Here is a little info on my event.You can sign up for either event at any time. Just go to my events and a drop down Registration page appears.


Click on PDF below and share me by passing on on to your friends and family:


Happy Shopping and ENJOY my continuing blog activity!














A little Scarecrow treat


I love making fall treats. This bag is made with a few folds and tucking in the bottom points.


If you are on the fence about the Cookie Cutter Punch and the Cookie Cutter Halloween set, don’t be. I have been playing with all the stamps and will have ideas up soon for you. The Bundle is with the Cookie Cutter Christmas set but I think you need the Fall one too. This little guy is so cute and really easy to color.


Here the supplies I used:



News you can use

Lots of news-a day before it begins:

Beginning October 1st several things will be happening. Yes, it will be the 1st of the New Month, but it will be the beginning day to sign up for my Holiday Stamp Camp. Who Hoo!!! So exciting. It is my busiest quarter and most exciting event of the year.

It will also be Celebrating World Card Making Day. Stampin’ Up! has decided to have a fun sale of several products for you to order at a discounted price. PLUS-Designer Series Paper Sale from Oct. 1st through the 31st. Wow, now that is a fun way to start October. Enjoy your shopping & save experience.

Click on this picture Below to download the Paper list PDF:


Click Below to download the PDF of the products for sale:


You only have a few days left to get the Buy 1 get one FREE of the Paper Pumpkin.

Click here to sign up today.


Check out this months Paper Pumpkin. I love it so much, I’m going to get a refill kit. As a subscriber-You Can do that and get past kits.












Celebrate Fall


I Love Autumn.

The calendar says its Fall mid September. For me, it has always been after Labor Day. First day of school. In no way was it ever still summer when I entered the classroom. I felt the same way in High School as well as College. Maybe that’s why “my Autumn” lasted longer, I was faking myself out. That’s still Ok with me. I still feel the same way even today. As the days get shorter, I look forward to the beautiful sunsets. Once the weather gets cooler, the sunsets always look more intense, rich in the hues of Autumn. A crisp feel in the air. The trees, the amazing trees. The colors are never the same or exact in how the colors come in. It’s always a fresh palette of color every year.

Are you starting to feel like its Autumn?

The trees above are exactly what I love.

Today I am posting two card ideas using this really nifty stamp set in the Holiday Catalog. On page 48, the set is Totally Trees. The possibilities are endless. I’m using this set for Autumn but there all types of trees and shapes to create all sorts of projects. You can bet I will post more on this set again. On this card, I used a warm yellow-Delightful Dijon, Old Olive, and Real Red.

The key to making this card, Stamp your first base tree in the center. Then go ahead and continue to stamp the trees to the right or the left, whichever you prefer to go next. I did eyeball these but if it worries you, go ahead and use the Stamp-a-ma-jig tool (#101049 $12.00). I’m far from perfect. Sure I’m a Demonstrator for 19 years, but I did make 3 samples of “oops” before I made these two. It took on the 4th and 5th tries!


I Love it!

I switched things up and used a yellow edge on the second card. Plus I used Cajun Craze ink for the last tree.



 Here are the supplies I used:

A September not to remember

I will share a bit of my month with you. It has not been good and it’s not looking to finish well either. But, anything can change.


What’s missing here was my computer. At the beginning of the month, First Day of School for my girls actually, my Hard Drive Blew on my Imac computer. WHat! I had to drive it into Milwaukee and try to get a new one at the Apple store. None on hand but would order it. So back home I go. Next day, I brought my external hard drive for them to put on the new. I guessed it would only take 4-5 hrs and I would stick around. Nope. After 1 hr trying to figure out passwords I set up 5 years ago-forgot and did not write down, they were able to get in, change a few things and then said 12 hrs of transfer. What?! Um-forgot I have almost 20,000 pics. yikes. So went home again. Next day, back to get my computer-all looks good. The traffic in Milw. is horrible right now. Lots and lots of Construction, bridges out and being rebuilt. Horrible. I got home, tried to set up internet-that code was changed. I Hate Passwords!!! However-emails were not coming in. 4 hrs later with a Apple rep-still nothing. I had to wait until the following Monday to finally get a really Awesome Apple tech name Marnie. She got me up and running. Once the emails came in-over 1,817 to be exact after one week. Yes, we get a lot of email as we sell on different online stores all sorts of things. I can tell you I was very relieved but what a crazy beginning of the month. I think 10 gray hairs from worry, and driving through the construction area were added this month. Extremely grateful that I did not get into an accident. Now to limit the kids time on my computer, that in itself is a challenge. During the school year, Only weekends. If they have homework on it, then I hang out to make sure it stays that way. Kids!!!

On a great note, My Mom turned 85. She is doing well in the assisted living. Her Dementia is far more noticeable now. To me, her Dementia acts like a fog or a cloak. In a weird way, it protects her from any sad news. Today I had to share with her that a dear friend of ours has decided to opt in for Hospice rather than fight cancer. For me, it’s been a awful day. For my Mom, she stated “what a year of changes”. A year ago, she would have cried and asked why and how. Now, sad, horrible news, it’s sort of a weird acceptance, like it’s not real but something you watch on tv. It’s hard watching someone live with Dementia. It’s even harder knowing our friend will be leaving us soon. It’s not been a good day. I know once she gets into Hospice, it will be short. Our friend has no more fight in her. I respect her wishes.

The last week, I could not add any posts to my blog since the Awesome gal who manages my computer needed to switch to a better, improved server. Hopefully in the upcoming months you will see great changes on my blog. It’s a slow process as she is busy at the moment. Just grateful that everything moved over well enough. If there is a glitch somewhere-let me know. It’s been a month of Pain in the but Computer stuff. Technology! Love it or hate it, I still have to have it. Generally, most of you do too. Right?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring you down with this post today. It’s more of a share. Over the years many of my stamping friends on other blogs have shared their stories of ups and downs. Almost all of my posts are Up. Just once in awhile, a blue kinda day walks in. Today is that kind of day.

But, it isn’t in my nature to leave you with that.

Last Thursday, First Day of Autumn, I was able to do a craft with my Mom and several of the residents. Everyone got to make a delightful Fall plaque for their doors to their apartments:


I stamped and layered all the pieces and letters. All they did was pull the tape off the back and assemble like a puzzle. It was thrilling for me and a great joy for all of them. For my Mom, it was like she was crafting with me again. They all were so very proud of their work. I was so busy helping them pull off the tape, I forgot to take pictures. Next time.

I also welcomed a New Recruit this month Maureen C. -Welcome to the Dairy Best Stampers!!!

I promise to have a better post tomorrow.

Until then,

Enjoy! every day.






Autumn Luminaire Tutorial


Isn’t this fun? You want one don’t you?

It’s time for a tutorial for you.

Start with a piece of Pumpkin Pie C.S. cut to 8 1/8″ x 4 1/4″

Score on long side 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″

Score on Short side 2″


You will need the Detailed Floral Thinlits to cut out the stencil.

When placing-keep it closer to the center.


Run it through the Big Shot.  Now, use this great tool-the die brush, and run that over the die several times.


Pull off die and most if not all the pieces should be easy to dump off.


Ta Da! Perfect. Now-do the other side same way.


Place it closer toward the middle, almost butting up to the side you already did.


Repeat and you should have this.


Now, fold over on all score lines.


Trim off the little thin strip up to the score line. You want to only keep the top half.


Now cut up to the middle on the score lines:


Add a strip of “Green “glue-Multi-purpose glue on that tiny strip.


Fold your box in half and glue together.


After a few moments, add tape to three inside flaps:


Place the one flap without tape into the box first:


Now place other flaps on top.


Flip over, add decoration. In this case I added a pumpkin using our oval dies and sponging color all over. Love making these.


Because this is paper-I will add a disclosure that you should not use a real candle but rather an artificial tea light.


Now you have the perfect little Autumn Luminaire.



You can make these for Weddings, etc. just by changing the color of the card stock.

These are the supplies I used: