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I love our New Decor Elements and thought I would show two ways to incorporate them into your home. Of course The "Create"  definition was a given for my office. I do take this picture to events hence the sorry looking cord. If I hang it from my tent I need heavy duty cord. Daughter #2-17 mo- Addie, recently got to it while I was getting ready for a show and broke the glass. Thankfully she was not hurt but just scared. Note to selfput up the baby gate! No Problem, I ordered the glass and just cleaned up the broken shards. I used a Dark Brown Mat Board, added the Create Definition piece and then embossed the Baroque Motifs in White. I think it turned out Nifty!Decor Elements

The second piece was cased but tweeked. I originally saw it on SUDSOL (a Demonstrators Only Site) and I believe it was shared by a Demo from Kokomo, Indiana. She had the DSP switched. I like it this way and added the extra pieces. The ribbon can always be changed out. 

I used the Bella Rose DSP and the Small Life is Good Decor Element. The added extra Bling pieces are from the Pretties Kit. Fun Hat pins.

If you have a space that needs a little umph!, then this is the product for you. I like it that you can just peel it off when you are done. Add something to a mirror. Put it in frames like I did and move it to different spaces in your home. You can add pieces to glass vases, outside picture frames, your doors, even to your car. We even sell Raw vinyl for the Big Shot projects. I plan on doing more with this product in the future and posting it for you. Enjoy.

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    Great stuff laura!

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