Faith Shadow Box


I think this turned out Great. I originally saw the idea on the Stampin' Up!® Website. The ideas were shared by one of my favorite people-Pam Morgan at Leadership. The idea was passed on and I took it and ran with it. The only think I did different was the Small Faith instead of the Medium size they used. I gave this to my Niece (also my Godchild) who just Graduated Concordia College, Mequon, WI. last Weekend. She even has a Job-YEAH!!!. It is in Lincoln, Nebraska-far away from Palatine, IL. It's Ok-Nebraska was listed as the Happiest state in America. Anyway, she got a job as a Lutheran school teacher. I am so proud of her. I decided to give this and quickly whipped it up 20 min before having to leave. Yup-Last minute chick here. In college-Same way. My best always came days before the project was due rather in the beginning when the project was assigned. If you are an art major or finishing up or just starting out-Ignore all that! :0) Enjoy this photo.

I will mention I used the S.U. decor elements-Inspiration for $4.95 in Chocolate. I bought the shadow box from Ikea. I used my Big Shot Beautiful Butterflies $21.95 and Textured Black C.S. Urban Oasis for the Background D.S.P.  I now have the leftover Love, Life and Hope. I still have a White Shadow Box and will have to come up with something. Stay tuned!

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  1. Francee says:

    This was sucha a beautiful gift! Thanks again Aunt Laura for making it for me and for being apart of my graduation! I will proudly and lovingly hang this up in my apartment!! 🙂

  2. Eilleen says:

    Too funny!  I'm looking up ideas for a family wedding shower and came across this site.  I was reading about the Faith Shadow Box and saw Palatine mentioned.  LOL.  I currently live near Dallas, TX, but my sister and family have lived in Palatine for about 22 years and I lived with them for 3 years, prior to heading down here.  It's a small world.  :o)

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