Fall Coasters and Extremly Large Acorns!

Love Fall. Love , Love, Love-Love Fall!. Ok-It's not officially that date on the calendar But it sure feels like it over here. Here is a set of coasters I put together this weekend. I like it so much that I making more for craft fairs. I used the New French Foliage (W)#120845 $19.95, (C) #121166 $14.95. You can find this set in our Holiday Mini catalog. Download a mini now or contact me and I will send one to you.

Ok-Check out the SIZE of these Acorns. No Retouching-No Photoshop on this. That's my 21/2 Yr Old daughters hand next to mine. These are White Oak Acorns. So Amazing. The largest ones were just short of the size of Golf Balls. Do not walk under these trees! For those of you not anywhere near 80 + acres  of trees or even a few oak trees-THis IS NOT the NORM. I know these trees are at least 100+ years old and my Hubby has been here since the 70's. Never has he seen this type of production. It's got to be it's Best year Ever. A Serious Bumper Crop.

Of course I will be sharing with you later in the week, what I am doing with these.


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  1. Katha Martinez says:

    Love them!!! what did you use to protect your ink, or do you have a tutorial?

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