Fall Table Decorations for a Woman’s Group

I was invited to a Woman's group in our area to demonstrate Vision Boards. I was able to demonstrate using the white 'chipboard" from our DSP and older background papers that I just held on to for these type of events. Everyone got one of these boxes filled with Peppermint Patties-placed in front of their place setting. Beautiful and easy to make. I had a few people start walking out the door without them. They thought it was only from the restaurant-were they thrilled these were made for them! Ahh-so I am Restaurant Table Display Quality!!! :0) Not bad…..

Here is one up close:


Quick note-Holiday Stamp Camp Update:Room for 10 more Sat Nov 6th and 2 more for Sunday Nov 7th.

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  1. Susan Stinnett says:

    I was just browsing the internet—looking for centerpieces for a Fall Purse Auction to be held at our church and came across your Fall table decorations for a women's group.  Could you possibly send me the instructions for this?  I thought it was wonderful
    Susan Stinnett (410-378-8805)

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