Easter and the Hunt

I have had enough Easter Egg Hunts until next year. We visited 4 hunts. Enough candy to last until Halloween. Gotta hide it or the master of the household will eat 1/2 of the stash.

I made a few last minute Easter Baskets for the awesome Barista's that make my Coffee (café Misto with a shot, non-fat, extra foamy and Iced Coffee non-fat) as well as a few surprised people in town. I think I made some ones day today at Walgreens' in Lake Geneva. After attending Sunrise service at 6:00AM, I decided to pick up a few last minute treats for the"older child" in my home. I remember working Every Holiday not to long ago and how hard it can be helping people not always in the best mood. After I made my purchase, I gave one of my decorated Kit-Kat Bunnies and wished the check out gal a Very Happy Easter. Was I surprised when she almost dived over the counter to Hug me in thanks. I think it meant a lot to her, and it gave me such a warm Fuzzy. I am glad it made her day. You just never know-someone may just need a Kit Kat Break (Hum the Tune from the commercial now)!!

Addie on the Hunt!

Tori running to her age grouped eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone.


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