Baby Anti Bac. Hand Gel

So, My Niece, the one I gave the Faith Shadowbox to a few years ago, got married a year ago and is now expecting. Awesome. I started thinking about what I used a lot during pregnancy and when the baby arrived. I was washing my hands constantly or using anti. bac hand gels. Of course, still do. Next week I will be sending out a nifty prego gift to her now that she is well past the first trimester. I am to nervous to send anything to friends or family during the initial news of Pregnancy. I worry about jinxing or something. I learned the hard way from a friend in the past so I just wait a bit. I used a pattern (right now I am truly sorry but I don't remember who's site I went to for the info) and created these cute boxes to hold the larger container. One for her and one to have on hand. This stamp set is retired (Swell News) but I think it was just fine for this project. The box of goodies is over due on my part as I promised something to her month's ago-Oops! This will make up-Promise…

Here is an up close photo from yesterday's Movie. Sorry you can't see the Cool glossy flowers due to poor angle of my picture taking. I can't re- shoot 'cause I gave it as a gift! :0)

This set is On the Grow (#123075 $15.95 (w) and #123077 $11.95 (c)), my Newest Favorite set. Hope you like. Enjoy!

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