My June Special ’11

Yup, I am a tad behind. June moved it's way in and with our families main job-All Seasons, we had a very busy week. All the Floridians are coming back this way and we must tend to their needs!!! I will add a few Chicagoan's into the mix too.

Anyway, On to my June Online Special.

This month, soo many sets are going bye bye along with Definitely Decorative Vinyl and accessories. It is a sad time for me. Some of these sets have been like friends to me. Ok, I won't go that far but I sure have enjoyed demonstrating them. Because the accessories retire so quickly (demand is quick and they run out) you have to order many things online to let you know instantly if you bought it or it's gone. So-I strongly encourage you to place an online order today if you need something from the lists right away. When it's gone…it's gone.

My Special is this nifty Treat/Tea Holder for every $25.00 online order (before sales tax and shipping) placed with me this month. Of course each one is unique. This will be in my specials page at the top.

If by chance you decide to place a $150.00 or more order-You get in on my June Double Hostess dollars. It works similar to my home workshops but the difference is-you have a choice-your dollars can be used NOW or carried over to July. My Online Double Hostess dollars work like this.

Place a $150.00 or more show-I match Stampin' Up's!® hostess dollars for free stuff up to $40.00. So if you have a show of say $250.00-S.U gives you $25.00 in Free-I match it and you will get $25.00 to use in the next catalog. Plus I give you the Next catalog for free as well. If you can't wait until next month and you want the double Hostess dollars now-don't place an online order but contact me personally by phone or email and I will place your order. You still get the New catalog for Free from me. Cool Huh!! This will probably be the last Double Hostess Dollar special I do because Stampin' Up!® has changed the Hostess plan. The plan is so good and I really don't think I can match it! That's a good thing because it means better rewards for all of you great Hostesses. Interested? July 1st-Everyone, so stay tuned. Until then-Enjoy!

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