Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

So, are you all staring at your stamp supplies looking for a last minute idea for Valentine's Day? Well, whether it's for your kids class or a lil' something to give friends or co-workers, this little treat is perfect.

I came up with this really simple idea.

On mine I gave thanks and handed these out to a few customers but the Valentine's Day stamps will be perfect for this item. The white strip (it's only a long strip of white and then forked) is only glued right where the fork in the tail is. It just slips right over.

Here is the cover without the belly band:

The inside:

Here are the dimensions on Confetti White C.S. so that you can see it better.

Length-  6 7/8"

Width- 2 7/8"

at 2 7/8 run the Simply scored tool over the C.S. and score. Turn the piece over and do it again. or just move it over slightly to 3 3/8". Very Easy

ENJOY and Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Wendie says:

    Such a sweet and simlpe idea.  TFS.

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