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It's time for another Picture tutorial-are you ready?

I decided that you just might like to see    the Mobile that I made for the children at my Church for VBS. The theme was SKY.

Of course, every year, I try to challenge myself with the theme and what I can bring to the table with creativity.

Generally, Wednesday is my day to do the craft for about 100+ kids. The kids are placed into 2 grade groups-1&2, 3&4, 5&6, and Kindergarten. The time is generally about 20-30 Min. It goes quick and I have to have the stations ready for each group. I do have wonderful Helpers-Susan Rickman (Our Pastors Wife who is head of the crafts for VBS and one of the teachers at the school), her sister came and helped and a few moms, and I think 8th graders. Sorry ladies-you might have been high school-everyone looks young to me these days! Hah!

So this is the prep I did the night before (yup-Always the night before comes the ideas):

I found some blossom chip board albums that I bought from S.U. two years ago thinking I would use them and didn't. They were the perfect project.

1. I cut the Blossom Chip boards in 1/2 and painted them with white paint.

2. I found chip board clouds from a Now retired pack of On Board Merry Medley assortment.

3. I sprayed the clouds with Bashful Blue Spray and this is how I did it.

You need 91% Alcohol (you can use water but I like the high % alcohol since it dries super quick), a dye ink, Shimmer Paint, and the New Stampin' Spritzer.

4. My concoction is fill the spritzer with 3/4 alcohol. I used 20-30 drops of dye ink (if it is light colored use a bit more, less if it is darker).

To give it a bit of shimmer I used the Shimmer Paint-just a few drops and shake or roll in hands, back and forth until all is combined.

I then spritzed once, waited 5 min. and then added another coat.

Ok-So I brightened the picture too much-almost like someone brightening their teeth a level or two more than they should have!!!

5. The finished piece:

The supply I would highly recommend-The NEW Stampin Spritzer-LOVE IT! Want one?

You get TWO for $2.95. Wow. Just place an order here to get these Stampin' Spritzers #126185 today.


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  1. Wendie says:

    I love your project, and I bet the VBS kids did too.  I always loved VBS as a kid.  Isn't the spritzer tool cool?  TFS.

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