A BOO-TIFUL Door Prize

I decided to make a door prize for my local Stampers 6 Group that met this past Monday night.

I don't usually do door prizes for my groups but this project was to good to not give away! You got me?

Ok here we go:

I cased this from my third Upline-Janet Baker. So Awesome. Funny thing-did not even know I was in her downline. She just made herself know to me and my direct downline in the last few weeks. One things for sure-I am in very creative hands with Janet and Jill Olsen who is my 2nd from the top Upline. Who I might add has the biggest downline of all!!!!

Isn't this Fun. It's part of our mds-My Digital Studio template download. I used a frame that I wasn't using and added the ribbon, with new ribbon slider and the scallop punches to house that cute spider (ugh-it's a spider-but he IS kinda cute).

You can get this fun art piece #128139 Toxic Frameable Designer Template ( mds) off my site here.

Here is my Lake Geneva Stampers 6 group:

Lot's of Great Creativity happened here this year. Would you like a Stamper's 6 group of your own? If you live with in 2 Hours of me-We can get you set up right now. Perhaps a Workshop is in order. Do you have a wishlist? Is it so long that you think a certain Hubby/partner might flip out on you? Be a Hostess. You can order 24/7 from me as well. If you are ready for a party/workshop-contact me today. I would love to meet you and show you amazing things.


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