More Convention Fun to Share

Need some more pictures to see the Stampin' Up!® Convention Experience? We'll Ok then:

The Displays at Riverton and the Salt Lake City Palace were Amazing! I think I have over 1,000 photo's!







I will tell you that Of course I Had to Go to Convention, Need to go to Convention! That was the truth. But, I will tell you that was not the normal feeling this time. It was a sense of Urgency. I had to go this time because I would probably see my friend and fellow Demonstrator-Susy Miller for the last time. Susy has ALS and has had it for 3 1/2 Years. I did not know that she had this Disease until recently when she advised that she was still alive and would be attending her last Convention. It struck a cord. This was the Amazing Demonstrator that on stage at the 2002 Convention in Kansas City, MS, had forgotten her hole punch and  began to chew a hole out of the card and then spit out the piece on stage. A Lot of Women learned at that moment-they had a leakage problem and were in need of Depends! Susy had inspired A Lot of Women and Men Demonstrators by showing us that Hands On Demonstrating WAS the way to go. Of course I knew this but it was presented in such a way-It changed a lot of how most Demonstrators would do their Workshops from that day forward. I met her several times after that. She talked with me privately at a meeting in Wausau, WI for a Downline event ( I was lucky to attend as a Guest Demo since I was not in their group). I took a lot of what she said and applied it. Recently-I took it more to heart and will revise it for NOW. So-Watch for changes Coming!

SuzY-Miller-and-MeSusy received The Heart Of Stampin' Up!® Award at this Convention. Trust me when I say-There would Have been a Stampede if she hadn't gotten it.

She is What the award stands for. Not a Dry Eye in the House. Her husband Don was there by her side and her Amazing Wheelchair that seems like the Cadillac of Chairs. There was humor breaking through the tears. Susy Miller is a Wonderful Person, Mother, Wife, Demonstrator, and an all around Dear Friend. No One can replace her. I did tell her when the time comes, it's because Jesus is in need of a Demonstrator to help the Angels be even more Awesome. Love YA Suzy, but until then, keep Fighting and continue to be that Nifty Gal I admire and look up to so well.

And on another note-I want to Thank All of you. I had a Good Year. Thank You for the Online orders and all of you that have me in your homes every month to once a year workshops. I thank All of You and To my Wonderful Husband who looks after my Beautiful, Handful, Challenging daughters. Love YA Dear.




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