Framed Creativity

It's Tuesday. At Stampin' Up!® it's Digital Download Tuesday and it's my time to show off what I make each week using the MDS Program-

(My Digital Studio).

Today's project is Framed Creativity (A Hybrid Digital Project):

Framed Creativity

Isn't this Fun! I have to say this Digital stuff is sorta growing on me so stay tuned for more.

Here is a up close and personal picture, yes that is my camera that I can't seem to get out of the photo!

Up close view

My 4" X 6" Frame I bought on sale-oh probably a year ago. Time to use my hidden resources.


The printed piece on digital picture paper:

Printed Creativity

and another shot of the picture:

My Digital Hybrid: Framed Creativity

I took a Blank Page and created a simple Washi tape idea and used Creativity word. I then added Text and added the Lil extra-It Begins here-so let's get started. I remind myself-Yes-The Creativity is everywhere but-it's not going anywhere UNLESS I do something. I am a Self starter but sometimes I do put off the ideas for later rather then at that moment. Alas, sometimes the Inspiration for that idea is gone when I wait too long. Has that ever happened to you?

Digital and other Supplies I used:

Stamps: Delightful Digital Tape #125752, Inspired Words Brush set

Ink: Inkjet Printer

Paper: Digital Picture Paper

Extras: Basic Pearls and Rhinestones #124330 as well as the Actual Rhinestones on the glass on the picture -#119246 $4.95

Ribbon: Retired and Current

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