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 I have so much to share, I almost don't know where to start. But here we go.

#1. I have a New Online Stamp of the Month Club that has just begun. Why not give it a try. Anyone in the USA can try my Online Club. I know there are a few of you that just can't get to my classes anymore and or you just prefer Online ordering and like to learn in the quite of your home. I get that. So…

Check out my Online Stamp Club info-at the top of my Bookmark bar. This Month's Stamp set is Wetlands. I Love this set. And Yes, it does have to do with my Nickname being Goose. And that I was married on the Horicon Marsh, Horicon, WI. October 13th, 1998. I Love Love Geese. Canada Geese. They are kinda special to me. It goes back to my days at Boarding School when I would get up everyday, at 5:30AM, and feed thousands of Geese. There was a time when I could sit in a field of over 200 Wild Geese and a few would come and eat corn out of my hands.  One even sat on my lap. And a few students and their parents drove by-jaws dropped. My Name is Goose and I am proud of it.

But, I digress.

Here is this months cards for the Online Stamp of the Month Club. Why not join today.

Click on picture:


#2. My Holiday Stamp Camp info is up and you can now Register and pick a payment option. Just click this Holiday Button to read up on it.

It will be EPIC!!

Click on my Picture to read up on it:

Laura Z's Holiday Stamp Camp

#3. Hey-Why Not Join Stampin' Up! for just $25.00. What-didn't hear me

JOIN STAMPIN' UP!® for $25.00!!!!!!

That is amazing in itself, but it's only available for 2 weeks (October 7th-21st) so don't wait to long.  You have a few days to think about it. This DEAL is a once in every 25 years deal!

#4. Why Not Party with me this Month and get an extra $25.00 to spend anyway you want. Book a Party with me-it can be In Person if you live within 3 hours, a Online Workshop order, or A Catalog party that you can Email to me. This Month Only, Have a Party that is $250 or more and get and EXTRA $25.00 in Hostess Rewards. Ooh, this is good! Because with a $250 party, you get $40 Free but now it's $65.00 FREE. WOW!

#5. Todays Digital Downloads are available. Just Click on the Box:


How's that for a serious Blog Post!



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