An Altered Mouse Trap

A Mouse Trap? Yes, A Mouse Trap. The ordinary, simple, lowly, Mouse Trap.

I love the way mine turned out. I am kind of into the browns and tans ( I am after all into Autumn all year round) and the SoHo Subway Designer Series paper was the perfect way to add a vintage interest. Here are some pictures for you:


I added magnets on the back:


Or, just hang it with our Stretchy ribbon:


But-I know it's always better to have a video of what I did so Check it out. It's my longest video yet-whooops but it gives you the details to do one for yourself.




If you can't view this video, visit my YOUTUBE Channel

Now go make some.



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  1. Dee in NH says:

    Fabulous!!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do the tutorial! I love yours and I can’t wait to get to the store for some mouse traps!

  2. jlfstudio says:

    Cool idea Laura – thanks for creating/sharing the video.

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