Sadie’s Birthday Party

Party, Party, Party!

It was Sadie's 7th Birthday, and I was invited to be her entertainment!

10 Very Excited and Very Busy girls made Magnetic Boards from Galvanized Roof Flashing. They enjoyed the Bottlecap magnets too.

I'm afraid I did not get many pics of the "work in progress" but I did manage a few. Hey, I was BUSY with this group. And to think I brought an extra project in case they finished super fast. Not so, and we only had time for the one project.

The whole group busy working:



The Birthday Girl-Sadie-diving into Rhinestone Bling.


Inside those Goodie Bags, Generally No Candy for little one's, Only Stampin' Up! goods and American Made products.


A pic of the Goodie Bag topper:


A group shot of the "Very Serious" Group:


THANK YOU SADIE for letting me be a part of your Birthday Celebration. I Had fun. I hope you and your friends did too.


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perhapsYOU want a B-day Party?

Yea-Let's do it!

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