Womans Weekend 2014

A week ago I was crazy busy-scheduled for two stamping classes for the Womans Weekend. It is the Lake Geneva Rotary Club’s biggest event. Personally, I thought is was awesome. Every year, it just gets better and better. Most of all, I was able to teach classes rather than just have a booth as I had done twice before. My classes were in the lower level at the Harbor Shores Hotel, just one of the many hotels involved.

The classes were for the Woman who were paid for the registration for the weekend. The classes/workshops are extra and were each $25.00 a piece. I will admit, if I had had Wine in the class-My classes would have been sold out for sure. I will rethink what I am doing next year-Wink!

The first class was a Card Buffet-Make 10 cards and choose from 15 card samples, and the second class was Home Decor and 3-D art with rubber stamps. Both were perfect for the Beginner as well as the advanced stamper. I had several ladies who had dabbled in stamping, a few were involved in stamping clubs in their home towns and some fabulous beginners.

Here is my space for the two back to back classes.


 One of the projects for the Home Decor class just had to be over the top. These are double sided frames:


This was a HUGE hit. I recently had a springtime class make these and They loved it so I knew it was worth repeating.

A guest with her Blinged out framed project:


and a very Happy satisfied stamper:


I was in the moment and forgot to take pictures, but, we all know how that goes. They were all lovely woman and I know they had fun creating stamper art. But, I am ready to it all again next year. Hopefully I can have afternoon classes scheduled as well.

I hope your weekend was great, and hope you had time to create a little something.



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