A Fun Girls night out

I love the Girl Scouts. I admit-It was not always that way.

Time to go back into time-Sorry-No pictures to show you.

I was the Competition. I was-A Camp Fire Girl. We didn’t sell cookies-We Sold Candy-and I will have you know-I was really good at selling it too. Growing up in Mt. Prospect, IL, you were either part of Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Girls. Oh, and there was 4-H but that was for those closer in the country/we were in town-Townies. Those in Camp Fire Girls-We always were like “We Are Soooo more Awesome”-etc, etc, etc.

More like blah, blah, blah!

As I grew up, I learned that it was more important to be a part of something, to think bigger than think we were just this “only” little group. I am proud that I was a Camp Fire Girl, a part of a group, it helped shape me into who I am today. There are thousands of Girls and Boys who are in service type clubs and it has brought Fun, excitement, changed their lives for the better. You never forget those days being a part of a group, no matter which group you were in.

Although I am not a club leader, I am able to be a Stamping teacher for many different groups/clubs. About two weeks ago, I was able to bring my kind of stamping art to the East Troy Girl Scout Club. Here are a few pictures of these 23 energized girls.


There were three sections of tables for the girls to really spread out.


Opening up their frame packets:


What they made:


Creating, Punching out Butterfly images, Decorating with Rhinestones. They put their own personal spin on their frames.


and then it was time to Clean Up and Go:


A Shout Out to the Moms/Leaders who help these girls become even more Amazing! You Rock!

Thanks Ladies for letting me help you create some Fun.


If YOU have a Girl Scout Troop or Boy Scout Troop looking to do something different, Contact me today.



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  1. Sandra Mangrum says:

    Beautiful project-love how you are giving back to your community!

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