Happy Independence Day America

So Lucky. And Blessed. We have absolutely Gorgeous weather here in Lake Geneva, WI. The last few days have been crazy rainy weather and to have the Holiday just perfect, well, I feel Lucky and Blessed. I know there is Arthur on the East Coast causing great havoc, Fires on the West Coast, flooding in Midwest. Many of our Troops are overseas-thinking about all of you today. I just want to wish every United States citizen-Happy Independence Day! USA-Our Home-the land of the Free and the Brave that help keep it so -Thank You especially.

So, Celebrating My Freedom, a Beautiful Day, goofing off with the family and enjoying a grilled meal, Please ENJOY my creations on today’s post.



My little goodies for people walking the path along Geneva Lake today.


I miss this retired set-July Fourth. I made cute little (mini size) Sparkler gifties.


No Matter where you are Fellow Americans-Happy Independence Day to you!




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