April 2015 Paper Pumpkin

If you follow me on Instagram, (which by the way, I love) you saw this photo of my daughter Addison opening the Paper Pumpkin box.


She has been so excited to open the box every month. Both my daughters will each make at least one of the cards or projects found inside the box each month. Some months they get all of it-other times, I share it with my Senior group that stamps twice a month with me.

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Do you have your gift? What, not yet! How about Paper Pumpkin-Creativity in a Box. The gift that shows up once a month, 3 month, 6 Month or even a 1 year subscription. Now THAT would make for a wonderful gift. Just scroll down on my page to see the Paper Pumpkin buttons on your left or just Click Here and go directly.

Enjoy the current months box:



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