Matchbox Birthday Wish Kit

There are times you need a really “cute” gift for someone at work, friend, or a family member.

Check out my Matchbox Birthday Wish Kit.

This is so cute. So fun. So not my original idea!


This was one of the projects for my Card & Project Buffet from a few weeks ago. It caused a lot of joy and delight for my guests.

My idea is for someone to enjoy a private Birthday Wish. What, the wish did not come true? You have a second do-over candle and match.

Originally found on Pinterest from one of my German counterparts:

This one is closed, packaged and ready to go for an Artisan fair.


They all sold. Happy camper.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Do you have the dimensions for the Matchbox birthday wish kit? I have a friend who’s birthday is the 22nd and I’d love to make it for her.

  2. Mary Dodd says:

    I would love the dimensions also. Thank you. Such a cute idea!

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