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Wow, Time got away from me. Did I really not post in February? I’m still here, Truly! Later about that.

Right now, you need to know about the NEW SAB items that became available (along with the rest of the items in the SAB booklet) on Tuesday, Feb 16th. There are two new stamp sets and Fun Glittery tape that can be colored with a dauber and ink pad. So cool.

Here is a look at these new items, You pick an item for FREE with every $50.00 order.

New SAB sets

Petal Pusher #141312 11 Photopolymer stamps


Party Pants #141324 (wood), #141327 (Clear Mount)


Metallics Glitter Tape #141020

3 rolls, 9/16″ wide, 5 yds each.

You Gotta get some!!!

Now to share a bit with you, my awesome loyal blog readers:

I wanted to let you know why I have not posted lately. In January, I made the decision to place my Mom in an Assisted Living Facility. I am the member of my family that my mom put in charge of her affairs. My Hubby, Don, (truly the Lord picked him for me) has been a huge help in all of this. He has been my Rock. I don’t think I could have done it all without him. Although, you never know what you can accomplish when things land in your lap! You just do it. In December, During Christmas week, my Mom’s roommate fell and broke her hip. My Mom and her roommate (two divorced women, friends, moved in together over 12+ years ago) had sorta stopped being friends, stopped communicating, and the roommate was a serious drinker- smoker and my Mom was not. The original deal was that the roommate was to make a meal a day and my Mom (did Not cook) was to do the shopping since she had the car. To be honest, Mom was no longer a good driver either. My Mom is 84 and the roommate is 77. It’s been a horrible nightmare. My family have not been too kind to me either (to put it lightly and without going into it). It’s been a long few months and honestly, I had lost my creativeness. Could that be possible?? Possible depression?? Anything is possible when situations turn bad. It’s not easy making this decision for my Mom. But, my Mom is doing Really well in her new home and eating fabulous meals, connecting with others and busy doing her needlepoint. And, she Loves Bingo!! Go figure! After all, it’s all about her and her health and her happiness. My daughters now can freely visit with Grandma Fran. It’s all good.

Anyway, I made another decision. Be Happy. Choose to just be Me! To make myself Happy and to continue to be the creative person I am. I have a passion, and it’s Stamping and Creating. It’s Making others smile and give joy with handmade creations. I had lost my passion and “me” for a bit but I’m Back! I REFUSE to let others get me down. I am a Christian and a Good Person and know that The Lord is my Savior & Shepard. I know that the Lord will always guide my family in the right direction. I just need to “listen” more. No matter what you believe, I think it’s good to do good and to carry on. To Not go down a path that is fraught with bad vibes/thoughts/texts, etc. Instead, Follow the good, the happy, the amazing. It’s a choice. I choose Good over Evil.

I plan on continuing to share my Passion of Stamping with anyone & everyone! So, I am starting to do “live” videos on Periscope. Have you tried it? Have you visited it? I realized I need to do more YouTube videos too for my fans (I’m way way behind on that) and another fun way to do instant creativity is through ‘scoping. You can find me on Twitter (Livinglakelife). I have one up today as a matter of fact, and its supper cute! See you there. Thanks for being my readers and stamping fans.

So, that’s that and I will move on to this weeks deals:


Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to get your Free Sale-A-Bration items.

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