A Nifty Giftie


How about a FREE GIFT from ME to You:

When you place an order with me, no matter the amount, you will get a free tutorial PDF delivered to you in your mailbox. I thank you for your order. If you place more than one in a  month, I will send a fun card to you in the mail.

If, however, you placed an order and you hit the “No Contact” button, I can’t send you anything. It makes me feel bad as I would like to thank you. I appreciate your business. So, next time, hit Contact, and I can send out this fun information to you.


You know you want it!! Nothing like getting an order sent by UPS to your door and then get this gift from ME to YOU- Fun!!

Oh, and if you decide that you would like to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and Join My Team-You get this gift as well.

Happy Shopping!




How about Becoming A Demonstrator Today!


Stampin’ Up!® has made a better, Sleeker, Demonstrator Kit made-Your Way. Your cost- $99.00 with over $125.00 worth of Great kit items, along with business information for the way You want to Demonstrate, or to use for your personal use. Value of $165.00. SWEET! Of course I always have an amazing packet of info and samples to include for you to get started. Sounding Good?
Contact me Today!!! stampingoose@charter.net / #262-374-0219
I would love to have you join my team.: the Dairy Best Stampers
I think YOU will LOVE Stampin’ Up!®!
There are NO Penalties if you no longer wish to continue-Just stop and enjoy all the value and goodies and knowledge and friendships you got out out of being a Demonstrator. I will ask you if you go in pending if you still wish to continue. But-
I always say-TRY it for at least 6 Mo. You Really just might LOVE Stampin’ Up!®