Wood Block

A Home Decor idea, just in time for THIS years Holiday Season. I know, sometimes you see an idea right before Christmas and You absolutely must do it and suddenly, its the following year or two, and You Still Have Not Done It!!! I am not pointing any fingers because […] Read more »

A Fun Girls night out

I love the Girl Scouts. I admit-It was not always that way. Time to go back into time-Sorry-No pictures to show you. I was the Competition. I was-A Camp Fire Girl. We didn’t sell cookies-We Sold Candy-and I will have you know-I was really good at selling it too. Growing […] Read more »

Crafting a Nest Class

Last night, a nice group of guests came to my Craft A Nest Class at the Aram-Delavan Library. Ages were Grade school to Senior Citizen. I was asked to create a class making the Bird Nest from my Original post back in 2012, check it out. I had eager guests […] Read more »