Sadie’s Birthday Party

Party, Party, Party! It was Sadie's 7th Birthday, and I was invited to be her entertainment! 10 Very Excited and Very Busy girls made Magnetic Boards from Galvanized Roof Flashing. They enjoyed the Bottlecap magnets too. I'm afraid I did not get many pics of the "work in progress" but […] Read more »

Olivia’s Birthday Party

About a week ago I was entertainment for Olivia's 13th B-day Party. What a Fun group and VERY creative. And they played Very well together. We made This and That Books and created fun pages and added envelopes for future treasures. Check it out: Olivia–The Birthday Girl! Having Fun. Creating […] Read more »

Emma’s B-day Party

About 2 weeks ago I was once again the Entertainment for a B-day party, same place a few months earlier with another family member. This time it was Emma's turn and her 10th B-day. I was thrilled Emma had fun at her sister Jenna's party and wanted her own. Smart […] Read more »

Arrrgh Matey

About two Sunday's ago, My daughter was invited to a B-day party. Her classmate, Caleb, was turning 5. I already had the gift bought and wrapped but I needed a card. Now normally, I would have a childs stamp set at my finger tips, and whip it together. However, This […] Read more »