Halloween Tin.


It's a Fun Weekend project that took 10 minutes-if that- to do! It was time to use my Spooky Expressions Décor Element (#117568 $4.95) that I bought -Oh- A month ago. Don't Worry-There still is plenty of time to order this and decorate something. I love this Bright Orange tin that I found at a closeout store. This picture is of the finished one, with two of the three faces. Scroll down for a Quick how to. If you want to see more of how to apply these-Check back to a Fall Home Shadow Box idea posted in August.

Step one: I Cleaned with a simple cleaner and made sure it was dry. I did not use the front side because of the hardware.

Step two: I cut the faces into three separate pieces from the sheet. I worked on each one-using the applicator (#114285 $1.95). Scrape out all bubbles. If they still do not disappear, take the Hobby Knife (#102449 $4.50) and poke gently under the bubble and push down-getting rid of bubbles. Do it right- and no one will know that you had to do that!!!

Step three: You have Three Flat side to put these on. TA-DA! Enjoy!

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