Nuts for You

It’s summer time. Oh Yea!

It’s also time for the tourists and locals alike to walk the lake path in front of our home. The law of the lake, always maintain the path for the public to walk on. Of course that does not mean for people to hang out on our pier-that’s off limits and a serious insurance nightmare. My Husband advised a couple who set up shop with a picnic, suntan lotion, and an umbrella -until you pay our taxes, you don’t belong on our pier. I know-he was probably too blunt. But, people need to know that they should just enjoy the path, don’t wander off.

I like to keep a few of the path walkers Happy. My treat of the moment is Nuts. All kinds of nuts-peanuts, cashews, Pistachios, etc. Whatever I can get with coupons at Sams Club.


Who wouldn’t want a treat along the way. I know, I know-a few but sometimes a few notice and take and a few have contacted me along the way. You just never know so I keep it going throughout the summer and into Fall.


The front is a belly band and on the back is an easily removed business card. A little Guerrilla marketing can go a long way.


I recently used one of them for a Tip Treat for some services done. Needless to say, They LOVED it. I always like to make it unique and different. Try it. Shake up the way you give your tips or just a nice Thank You.


Love this new punch and a bit of Bling.

The Tip Treat.


These are the supplies I used:

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